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Matthias Odin & Youri Johnson


Invited by Voiture 14 for Systema



An itinerant project by Youri Johnson and Matthias Odin and their guests : Romain Vicari, Hugo Laporte, Ethan Assouline, Cedric Esturillo, Laura Gozlan, Colombes d’Humières, Résidence Peyrigne, Mattea Riu, Lisa Lansou, Margaux Guillaume, Célia Coëtte, Liqz Bolikowski, Lucille Léger, Urbain Checcaroni, Harry Muse, Carla Gueye, Hélène Blondel, Boris Arouimi, Reda El Toufaili, Paul Girardeau, Lio Rof Sanchez, Irini Nuri, Samuel Romek, Gaïa Vencensini, Rafael Moreno and Michel Hacala and more. « Youri doit se séparer de sa 307sw et Matthias a besoin de vacances. C’est ainsi qu’il endossera, avec la joie de celui qui se libère du cloisonnement d’une ville, le rôle de psychopompe — descente dans le sud pour un dernier soleil — pour cette voiture-linceule, dont cette dernière aventure fera office de deuil. » Initiated by three young projects based in Marseille*, SYSTEMA is an annual event whose first edition will take place at the Palais Carli in the 1st district of Marseille from August 26th to 28th 2022. Inviting mainly collaborative initiatives from outside the local art scene, SYSTEMA gives its guests carte blanche to share a panorama of their programming and economies, thus bringing together the practices of their respective ecosystems. This first edition gathers 12 independent structures and over 60 artists over the course of three days at the end of August, during which they will inhabit the Palais Carli in the center of Marseille. Also called Palais des Arts, this building was built on the site of the former garden of the Bernardines convent in the 19th century to host the fine arts school and the municipal library. Today with SYSTEMA, the visual arts are temporarily reinstalled on the site currently occupied by the activities of the Pierre Barbizet Music Conservatory. *The association SYSTEMA was created in 2021 by Giselle’s Books, Gufo and Voiture 14.